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About Pearl Seven

Pearl Seven Cosmetics is for women of all ages. Our mission is for women to know their worth and realize the rareness of their individuality. Each woman is unique, whether you like a soft natural look or love the more sophisticated modern style; Pearl Seven is able to help you complete your look. Embrace your individuality, celebrate it and love everything about yourself. That is where your beauty comes from!



Our Perfect Foundation Stick is easy and simple to apply, and provides natural flawless coverage. With a cream to powder consistency that doesn't feel dry, there's no need to apply powder. Our Luminous Silk Foundation is undetectable, and irresistibly comfortable. It hides imperfections, softens wrinkles, and provides maximum hydration.



The Pearl Seven cheek products are luxurious, and highly pigmented. Our color selections are available in baked powder, or cream formulations. Offering you silky smooth, blend-able color that contains antioxidants, and Vitamins A ,C and E, to protect your skin cells from free-radical damage



Have you ever wanted to create a customized eyeshadow palette? Well, you're in for a treat! We are your genie in a bottle, here to grant your wish. Choose from matte or lightly frosted shades that are the perfect fit. When you've run out of your favorite shade, simply purchase that individual shade to make your palette complete again.



Lip color is a personal choice, and we have just the right varieties for you. From subtle to a night out on the town, our waterproof gel lipliners are the base to keep your lip color intact hour after hour. Follow it with the perfect lipstick in a sheer or satin finish. Can be paired with the all-time favorite Plumping Lip Gloss for a sheer voluminous look, or worn alone.

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Safe, Paraben-Free Cosmetics

EU Approved

Ingredients Matter

With everyday use of your cosmetics, you want to be assured that what you are putting on your skin is safe and free from harmful chemicals and toxins. We take the health of our customers very seriously. We believe in providing the highest quality ingredients, which is why we choose to follow the EU standards for ingredients. All of our products are EU compliant, which means that over 1300 chemicals have been banned or restricted in Europe, while the US has only banned 30.

Ingredient Selection Process

Being skincare professionals for over 30 years has enabled us to fully understand the ingredient selection process. We believe in the importance of antioxidants, vitamins, peptides, and hydration binding ingredients. We provide our clients with a product that’s not only lightweight and irresistibly comfortable, but also great for the skin, and long lasting. Pearl Seven’s formulations are hand-picked to provide you with a safe, long wearing, and beautifully modern look.

Regulatory Standards

United States Regulations

  • Number of Banned Ingredients: 30
  • Registration Process: Registering a cosmetic product is not required, and is completely voluntary.
  • Restricted Ingredients Regulations: The sole requirement around these restricted ingredients is that they can’t be used.


European Regulations

  • Number of Banned Ingredients: 1,300+
  • Registration Process: Requires pre-market approval for cosmetics and follows strict standards when evaluating ingredients. Their system for evaluating cosmetic safety is the most comprehensive in the world.
  • Restricted Ingredients Regulations: If an ingredient has data that shows any possible links to health risks, it is restricted or banned, regardless of concentration.
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